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Shipping Container Homes

We believe in creating quality and making a difference. Sonic Steel’s unique VenSulation system is the only one on the market that addresses ventilation, insulation and condensation for container homes. Our priority is to build healthy and comfortable living spaces for our customers.

All our homes are custom designed and built by Australian professionals with experience in architecture, fabrication and engineering. It is this expert knowledge that sets us apart from other companies that are purely construction oriented.

We promote uniqueness when it comes to living styles. From room sizes down to the locations of power points, we make sure that it’s designed and built to suit your lifestyle. Most importantly, our VenSulation system addresses the inherent issue of condensation through optimising insulation and ventilation.

If you’re looking for a better living experience in a home that is both comfortable and energy-efficient, reach out to us today for more information.


High-Quality Relocatable Homes

Since the beginning, we have been operating with a simple mission – building Australia’s best shipping container homes. All our design, engineering and construction processes are completed in-house at our Melbourne factory.

When it comes to relocatable container homes, one of the major concerns that many have is condensation. Therefore, we developed a state-of-the-art ‘VenSulation’ system, which includes Zehnder’s Heat Recovery Ventilation and Sonic Steel’s unique insulation. These two systems work together to provide continuous flow of fresh air and remove excess moisture, whilst maintaining a high level of airtightness and thermal efficiency to make your indoor experience as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in building your relocatable home with us, contact the Sonic Steel team today for a phone chat or even a visit to our display home. Our staff always provide an honest, direct and supportive approach to suit your needs.

Shipping Container Ventilation

At Sonic Steel, we understand that ventilation is a key concern for container home lovers. This is one of the foundation pillars for our VenSulation system that supplies continuous flow of fresh air throughout the container home to regulate temperature and humidity.

To provide a reliable and efficient ventilation system, we use Zehnder’s Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV). This technology not only provides a consistent flow of filtered air, but also retains up to 85% of the thermal energy, and consumes as little as 8W, which is a great saving for your power consumption.

We take great pride in the quality of our products, service and construction standards. In addition, we focus on design elements (such as ventilation and insulation) to make our container homes as comfortable and efficient as possible. If you have any further questions about our custom shipping containers, contact the Sonic Steel team today.


Shipping Container Insulation

Sonic Steel’s insulation is unique and effective in tackling the inherent issue with thermal efficiency for shipping container homes. While proper insulation is critical for any modern home, it is even more important for containers as they are constantly exposed to the elements. Poorly insulated container homes allow excessive condensation to form as well as mould to grow, especially within the wall cavity where they are not visible but could cause serious health concerns. While this is less of an issue in conventional construction as there are gaps and leaks around joints, it is an inherent problem with containers because the walls are fully welded and airtight, trapping moisture within the cavity. The moisture would then form water droplets (condensation) on the inner metal surface if the outside temperature drops below dew point. As a result, the damp condition would lead to material’s deterioration and even worse, mould to grow.

To address this, our unique system eliminates air gaps within the wall, hence stopping moisture from coming into contact with the metal surface. To achieve this, we CNC cut polyurethane (PUR) foam blocks that are cured for at least 30 days into the same profiles as the container panel’s corrugations. We use galvanised steel strips or timber as ‘studs’ for fixtures.

Electrical cables are run in the grooves within the foam. For the wall finish, we either use plaster boards, cement sheets or PVC foam panels. Liquid polyurethane is used to glue all the components together.

Overall, our unique approach eliminates air gaps whilst providing a thermal and vapour barrier to avoid condensation. If you would like to find out more about our process, contact the Sonic Steel team today.


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      Very well built! The design is practical and efficient, even customisable to suit individual preferences.

      Jay Oliver
      Sydney Tiny Home Expo
    • rating

      Sonic Steel offers unique VenSulation system which is the proper way to build with shipping containers.

      Stacy Geller
      Sydney Tiny Home Expo
    • rating

      The best value for money out of the whole show. Great customer service with belief and passion about what they do.

      Adrian Abbot
      Brisbane Tiny Home Expo
    • rating

      Five Star Service - immediate communication. Expedient action and attention to detail.

      Mark Goodwin
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