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    Family man Paul is an avid sustainability crusader, whose mission is to increase the accessibility of alternate housing and energy sources, through expanding the range of available finance options. His tireless work negotiating with a variety of lenders is changing the face of Australian finance.

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    Council Approval Group helps streamline the council approval process for Australians with 50 years of experience in planning and development. With a team of over 20 town planners, architects, and local government specialists, Council Approval has helped 19,786 people navigate council approval.

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    Briony has lived off grid in her own Tiny House for 5 years, and is a passionate advocate for Tiny House living. Her mission is to make this achievable for all who desire it, through providing a land rental platform for Tiny House tenants. Briony’s broader aim is to
    encourage widespread acceptance of the industry by increasing its visibility through the Tiny House Industry Awards program.

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    From tiny homes, off grid energy, residential solar and large commercial solar installations, Sky Energy provides a world of knowledge and experience with a team of CEC accredited installers. Sky Energy have over 3000 installs to their credit including building and configuring their own compact off-grid solution, the SkyBox.

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    Anthony Smith (aka Water Wally) is an environmental engineer with extensive experience working with Tiny Home wastewater management solutions. Anthony provides a unique consultancy service for the Tiny Home industry.
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    Ecoflo is a manufacturer and retailer of domestic and commercial waterless composting toilets and grey-water systems that are environmentally smart and cost-effective. Ecoflo has over 30 distributors across Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands with a wide range of
    award-wining products for off-grid living.

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