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Queensland Tiny Home Expo | 29 September - 1 October 2023

calender September, 03 2023
Mark IV+

We are proud to be displaying the Mark VI+ model at the upcoming Tiny Home Expo at Cleveland Showgrounds!

Mark IV+ is designed and built around practicality as a permanent living. Our client, a retiring couple, seeks to have a simple lifestyle, yet fully functional and comfortable with lots of storage and sitting spaces. A 20kWh battery off-grid solar system is also installed with 10 solar panels on the roof, fully capable of keeping the power and appliances running.

The home was designed to maximise the creek-front view from the bedroom and living space, while shy away from the public street at the same time. All windows and doors are double glazed and have thermally broken frames. The galley kitchen is well equipped with LPG oven and cooktop, ample storages, a double sink and a dedicated breakfast bar. The combined bathroom - laundry is very space efficient, with an odourless toilet to ensure that stale and contaminated air is properly exhausted without leaving the toilet bowl.

For the HRV, we use S&P’s Altair 120 in this build - a larger unit than the usual Zehnder’s CS50, which is more sufficient and eliminates the need for an exhaust fan, making the home more airtight and thermal efficient. On top of this, the range hood’s exhaust is fitted with Naber’s Thermobox to prevent any backdraft from entering the home.

All of the interior walls are lined with cement boards and painted with Taubmans Endure paint, adding to the impact and moisture resistance of the home. The underfloor insulation and vinyl planks flooring also play crucial roles in keeping the home thermally efficient and further increase its durability.

All in all, this is the ultimate build that can accommodate a simple yet comfortable lifestyle, combining lots of our premium features. If you’re looking to build your dream container home in the near future, don’t miss this opportunity to visit us at the Tiny Home Expo!

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